Sep 14



Bee Log #47

Our honey in front of one of our bee hives.

Seattle has looked pretty gray all summer long.

It is a bad year for bees in Seattle. If you are a new beekeeper, I hope that you have not become discouraged. I can’t imagine facing some of the problems that we have had this year as a beginner. The worst thing over the last month has been the cool weather. The bees just are not getting the flying time that they need. Also there are not many nectar sources this time of year. The bees are having a hard time getting enough to store and enough for me to take as honey.

We are hoping for another harvest to take us through the last 3 weeks of the Phinney Farmers’ Market. We will see if we get it. I think the weather this week is supposed to be better than last week so at least we can get in the hives.

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