Nov 20



Bee Log #50

This broccoli did not get harvested before going to flower. The bees are all over it on a nice day in late October.

This is one type of bee feeder that we are using. It holds a gallon of syrup and sits on top of the inner cover. An empty box surrounds the feeder with the telescoping outer cover on top of that.

The weather has turned very cold. Freezing temperatures and even snow are in the forecast for Seattle. We don’t see the bees very much these days. If the temperature is above 52 degrees F. they come out to forage. There are flowers, nectar and pollen all year long in Seattle if the weather is nice enough for the bees to fly. Right now, I have noticed heather and rosemary blooming. There are also the fall blooming camellias.

On December 1, a film about the current disappearance of honey bees will be shown at Kane Hall on the UW campus at 7:15. Come early for a tasting of local honey including Seattle Urban Honey. The title of the film is “Vanishing of the Bees”. The cost is $15 at the door or $10 advance purchase. The organization putting this on is Essential Arts, Creative work for the common good.

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