Mar 15


The End of the Beekeeping Year

March is the beginning of the beekeeping year.  Many hives do not survive through this time of year.  What happens?  Bees need to start raising new bees while the weather is still mostly winter so that they can be ready to get to work when the weather turns nice.  If something happened to the queen over the winter, the bees …

Feb 2


Bee Log #88 Bees build a naked nest

Bees Nest in Pear Tree Check out the video above to see an unusual bees nest. The bees built out quite a bit of comb but sadly were not able to survive the rains of the autumn.

Feb 2


Bee Log #87 Puget Sound Beekeepers

The Puget Sound Beekeepers January meeting was abuzz with new faces and lots of excitement building for the coming beekeeping season. How are your bees? Are you feeding them? Are you going to get more bees this spring? Anticipation. Meanwhile, the bees are in a cluster keeping warm.

Oct 3



Bee Log #86

A beekeeper in Akron, Ohio wrote and asked about our business model and said that he was interested in doing something similar in his city. I realized as I wrote my reply that my husband and I had learned a lot about city beekeeping in the few years that we have been involved. My reply to that beekeeper is below. …

Sep 28



Bee Log #85

We just had the wettest farmers’ market yet. We were wet, wet, wet. The wind was blowing the rain into our tent making dry space a rare and wonderful thing. 6 layers of shirts and coats and boots and long johns kept me warm, but such a challenge! Our dear customers were out anyway stocking up on honey for the …

Apr 2


Seattle Urban Honey Bee Keeper's Journal

Bee Log #84

Working the Bees It is time to start working the bees again. We go from maintenance mode to honey production mode. Right now, the bees are producing lots of offspring. They have been able to gather some honey. One hive gained 14 pounds in the last 2 weeks. The bees need this honey for raising brood so we cannot collect …

Dec 7



Bee Log #83

We have been making homemade lip balm, lotion bars and mustache wax from the beeswax that I recover after extracting honey.

Oct 11



Bee Log #82

Varroa Mite Test Kit We heard Randy Oliver speak at the Puget Sound Beekeepers meeting. He urged us to test for varroa mites so that we know our numbers. We put together a test kit from some simple items from our home: Two jars, isopropyl alcohol, a screened top for one of the jars (I used a jar top for …

Sep 28



Bee Log # 81

Beeswax: One Ounce Bar The beeswax comes out of the molds beautifully. I made my first beauty product from the wax, mustache wax! A musician from the Phinney Farmers’ Market was complaining that he has trouble buying mustache wax that he likes. I made some for him as a prototype. Buckwheat Honey and Blackberry Honey The two jars of honey …

Aug 27



Bee Log #80

Those bees! What I thought was going to be almost pure buckwheat honey is really mostly blackberry and clover honey with the lightest hint of buckwheat. You can see from the last post that we should be getting buckwheat honey in the next two weeks. The buckwheat is there and the bees are there so the buckwheat honey can’t be …