Jun 9



bee log #69

What is the state of the hives this summer? Booming. We have captured 15 swarms and have started a new apiary on a farm near Carnation, Washington. If we can just convince the farmer to move his burn barrel a little further from the hives, I think we can get a load of honey and help the near-by vegetable farmers …

May 21



Bee Log #68

Flat Stanley came to Seattle from a young relative in Pennsylvania. He got to visit a bee swarm when he was here. We were just delighted to get into our hives in late March and find that most of them had survived. This is a good looking bunch of bees ready to go after the first pollen and nectar that …

Dec 2


August 2011 002

Bee Log #67

Honey for sale. Please join us for conversation, coffee and a chance to do some truly local Christmas shopping. I make the jewelry and my friend (and hive host) Clara makes the soap in her northgate area home. The bees that make the honey are here in Seattle.

Oct 7



Bee Log #66

The photos above are dead varroa mites that have been wiped off of a collection board left under the screened bottom board of a hive. We did not think that we had a mite problem this year. We have been checking drone brood for mites as we worked our hives this summer and saw very few mites compared with other …

Sep 5



Bee Log #65

Her Majesty was not deposed. The throne is still in the hands (wings?) of the nasty grumpy queen. We hunted all down through the hive-all 6 boxes and 60 frames of angry buzzing bees trying to find her. Then we went back up the whole six boxes looking again. We did not find her. We put the hive back together …

Aug 30



Bee Log #64

I am not happy today. This is the result of 3 bee stings to the face through my bee vale. I am puffed up like a chipmunk trying to stash seeds. I guess this goes with the beekeeping territory but I wish I did not respond so spectacularly. We have a grumpy hive. This is usually due to genetics so …

Aug 20



Bee Log #63

Yes! We have honey! It has been so cold this spring and summer in Seattle that I did not think that we would ever get honey. The bees have been packing it in. We took our first honey August 1 and got another harvest this last week. The result is honey to sell at the Phinney Farmers’ Market on Friday …

Jul 26



Bee Log #62

Honey bee working a leek that has gone to flower A full frame of honey that is almost ready. Note the whiter area along the top of the frame. That honey has a thin wax cap across the top indicating that the bees have decided that it has been sufficiently dehydrated. We take frames of honey from the bees when …

Jul 4



Bee Log #61

These seven hives are at the Urban Horticulture Center on the University of Washington campus. The hive on the far right is the swarm hive that was featured in the previous blog. It is coming right along. The hive on the far left is the hive that swarmed. We know this because it ended up without a viable queen. The …

Jun 15



Bee Log #60

This is our Seattle Urban Honey logo on a sign at the farmers’ market last summer. Our bees are not yet producing honey that we can take this summer. This might delay the July 1 date that we had hoped would be the debut of this season’s honey. Our bees are hungry. The blackberry bushes are just about to bloom …