Oct 14



Bee Log #49

Our hives are in 8 back yards around the north end of Seattle. This is one group. We plan to expand to another 3 backyards next spring. Another group of hives. My husband with a beautiful frame of capped honey. We were taking off the supers (top honey storage units on a hive) from this hive and getting the last …

Sep 24



Bee Log #48

The plastic construction is our dehumidification chamber. Also in the picture are our new honey extractor and boxes of jars for honey. I think we need to rethink the design(?) of our dehumidification space. This is the first official day of autumn. This year it really feels like fall. It has been so cool and rainy in Seattle. Our bees …

Sep 14



Bee Log #47

Our honey in front of one of our bee hives. Seattle has looked pretty gray all summer long. It is a bad year for bees in Seattle. If you are a new beekeeper, I hope that you have not become discouraged. I can’t imagine facing some of the problems that we have had this year as a beginner. The worst …